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Diivaniparadiis trailer

    Diivaniparadiis is one of the most successful (furniture) companies of Estonian furniture market since 1998. The Company continues development, searching for new
    opportunities and challenges. They're fast and action-oriented in their decision-making when implementing them. Diivaniparadiis want(s) to be the best. This is a prerequisite for
    both our clients and employees are valued. The company now has offices in seven Estonian towns: Tartu, Narva, Tallinn, Pärnu, Kuressaare, Rakvere and Viljandi. In addition to
    actively working on our online shop. Now the company owns more than 5000 m2 of sales area;
    Trailer replaces Ika Bohag trailer. Compatibility with game version 1.27x and below that.

  •     Important! Creating logos was/were unsuccessful so far. However, if you like to use Diivaniparadiis logos in your game, download mod and install trailer skin
        with logos. If you do not want to use logos, choose trailer skin without logos.

  •     Important! You'll need to have DLC Scandinavia to make this mod work!

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