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Rehunubo's Hard Economy Mod Pack 2018

    Rehunubo's Hard Economy Mod Pack changes lot of things in Euro Truck Simulator 2 for players, who wants (to deal with) hard gameplay. Tested on 1.30.x and 1.31.x

This new economy mod pack makes lots of changes, including:

  • Police fines are high (a fine up to 30 000.-€)
  • Ferrie fees/prices are up to five times than usual/original prices
  • Bank loan repayment (bank or base) rate is up to 99% per day
  • The XP required to reach each level increases by three thousand XP. The smallest one is 2000 (first level) and the highest is 100 000 (the last, 29 level). Also I reduced parking and
     non-parking XP (etc)
  • Selling the truck refund is only 1%
  • Buying and updating garage may cost up to one million EUR
  • Abandoned job fine is 150 000
  • Cargo damage cost 1000€ per 1% of damage
  • Fuel discount in garage is 0, etc.

    Use the mod to discover new changes!

    IMPORTANT! Older version (2016) of that mod can be found here and Economy Mod Pack 2 from the year of 2017 can be found here.


    Thanks for using!

Download mod older version (2016) Download mod newer version (2017) Download Hard Economy Mod Pack (2018)

Link to mod in (2016 version) Link to mod in (2017 version) Link to mod in (2018 version)