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Rehunubo's Super Economy Mod Pack (aka Rehunubo's Economy Mod Pack 2)

    This new economy mod pack makes lots of changes and it's changes bank, economy, police and special ecent data. It makes gaming (little bit) harder. Compatibility with game
    version 1.27.x and below that. Tested on 1.27.x and 1.26.x

This new economy mod pack makes lots of changes, including:

  • Minimum bank loan is 500 000€ and maximum 4 000 000€. And to get first loan, player must wait (at least) 3 days and make at least 10 jobs before getting first loan
  • Fines are very high, minimum fine is 800€ and maximum is 10 000€
  • Fine for running for red light - 1500€
  • Fine for speeding - 1500€ & 800€
  • Driving in (the) wrong way - 3 000€
  • XP (parking XP, no damage XP) increased (maximum is 500xp and minimum zero)
  • Garage update and buying is more expensive (to buy garage minimum is 400 000€)
  • Selling the truck refund is only 1% (before it was 35%)
  • After buying 25 truck from car dealer you can purchase new truck by online (in default the minimum was 5)
  • Abandoned job fine is 55 000 (in default it's 12 000€)
  • Cargo damage cost -85€ per 1% of damage
  • Fuel discount in garage is only 0.01 (1%) (in default: 0,15 (15%)), etc.

    Use the mod to discover new changes!

    IMPORTANT! MOD older version can be found here: «Economy Mod Pack»

    Thanks for using!

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